Monday, April 4, 2011

Halifax Hooligans

So the reason for the recent break in service is that I moved back to Canada. Hurray! Just in time for my tenth anniversary of becoming a Canadian.

I've moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in large part because of the Anchor Archive Zine Library. It's a pretty rad place, and I spent yesterday (Sunday) volunteering. I'm sure I'll be around a bunch, and hopefully doing more shifts. I'll also be there to do Food Not Bombs (Sundays), participate in the craft nights (Tuesdays, come make artist trading cards with me!), and other stuff.

Also, from here on our pretty much all of the zines I review on this site (and make myself) are going to end up in the library. I'll look into linking to the entries in their database.

Apologies for the terrible image quality for the next little while, I was hoping to have access to a scanner, but I couldn't get the one at the Anchor Archive to work.


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