Saturday, June 22, 2013

you can't give it back

By Mary Karaplis/Mei K

Late again? What's my excuse this time? Why, Mass Effect of course, the science fiction RPG from years ago. I needed to finish it! Needed! (And I actually did, I am going travelling for the rest of the summer in just a few days, so if I didn't finish it now I wouldn't finish it until September. And I was right at the end guys! I had to stay up until 4am to defeat the evil aliens and help the good aliens and...)

I can't even give this comic a bad review if I hated it (though I didn't), because the artist was nice enough to draw a token for Magic the Gathering for my friend and I when we were at the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival a while ago. Corporate ghost!

I think it involves some sort of talent to get three paragraphs and an image into a review before even saying anything about the thing you're reviewing. Well, maybe "talent" is the wrong word. Sometimes I wonder why anyone ever reads this blog...

"you can't give it back" is filled one one panel/page comic strips mostly about the ideas of love and being heartbroken. While some of the comics are pretty funny, what I really enjoyed about this comic was the art style that Karaplis used. The illustrations seem simple, but manage to contain a lot of emotion and character with just a few lines. Plus they're really cute and there's a robot _and_ a sea monster _and_ a space pirate. Great!

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