Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dumb #0

Aw snap, I missed an update yesterday for the first time in a couple of months. And as I'm just starting to write this at 11:59 pm on Tuesday it looks like it's going to be two days late. Still! There will be three reviews this week. Promise : )

So why did I forget to update? Because of Magic: The Gathering. Yeah, super nerdy, but if you expected anything else from me I'm not sure if you've ever actually read this blog. Magic is super fun! And as I'm not interested in having "competitive" decks I can have totally terrible/ridiculous theme decks. My friend just sent a library-themed deck and it is pretty wonderful/hilarious/horrible. I played my roommate three times yesterday and I don't think I managed to damage her once. But it's still so great to play (I mean, I am in library school after all).

Um, so yeah, this comic! It's an anthology, but it doesn't list who any of the creators are. Showing my utter genius it was only the second time through that I realized that each comic was down by a different person. This is despite their radically different styles. Sigh. Did I mention I only got four hours of sleep last night?

So there are lots of different comics, but there doesn't appear to be any theme or anything. I liked the one with a kid wondering through a destroyed city (see below), the one were a bat bites a dog and turns it into a vampire, and the one were the fairy godmother creates a horrible amalgam of man and horse that I think poops diamonds for Cinderella. Sure there were some that I didn't care for, but there always are even in the strongest anthologies.

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