Sunday, February 6, 2011

Peach Melba #17

By Pearl
PO Box 74

Sometimes when I'm reading an issue of Peach Melba (a rad list zine made by a 13-year old girl), I find parts of it incredibly funny. I mean, it's amusing, an incredible view into a 13-year old's mind, and anything that include a list titled "A sample menu of a stereotypical Wallace and Grommit themed party" (items include "Wenslydale", "carrots", and whatever "Bake-o-lite" is) has to be great.

But really, it's including "cat" in the list of weapons that really makes this zine amazing. My first thought is that you'd just throw a cat at someone and it would claw them up, and while my mind eventually goes to Arsenal (from DC comics), and the Bizarro version of him, that kind of makes me sad, I also think of the attack cats from King City (one of my favourite comics). Cat attack!

(Um, okay. I was trying to find a Chu Chu Rocket video to link to, but found that video instead. How on earth do you play that game? So confusing...)

There's also a really rad list of "Things I have been doing lately" which includes "Growing taller", "Missing deadlines" (every writer ever can sympathize), and "swearing". Fucking awesome!

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