Saturday, February 19, 2011


Edit! According to a commenter this is by MK Reed (, whose comic I just avoided buying on the weekend. If only I'd had the info 24 hours earlier! Let that be a lesson to you creators, always include your name.

I have no idea who made this comic since there's no contact information or anything included. This is too bad, since I thought it was pretty good and used a pretty cool way to tell a story.

In the comic each page is filled with a single image. This image represents one event in the day of a number of different characters (well, a couple are two pagers, but for the most part they're all single pages). Over the 50 pages included here we're able to see the personalities of these characters, and the realtionships between them, develop and grow.

Because we're only seeing one single moment from each day of these character's days there so much that we miss out on and our minds are forced to fill in the blanks. Sure, sometimes I hate that, but somehow it works really well here. Maybe it's the fact that I feel as though I would like the main characters, though because so much of their lives exists only in my head I could just be inserting character traits I enjoy.

The story isn't a new one, it's just people living their lives, working boring jobs, going to parties, trying to find similarly minded people to hang out and sleep with. But I guess that's the majority of fiction isn't it? Sometimes I forget that most media isn't people shooting lasers at computer generated constructs. *ZZZKKOWWW!!*

I don't think the story in here is true, I think it's just heavily based on real-life experiences that the author (and their friends) have had. Even if the exact events haven't happened to you, similar ones have happened to people you know.

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  1. The author is MK Reed. She's a great cartoonist from Brooklyn.


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