Thursday, May 3, 2012

You Have to Make Your Own.

Once again I return to the question "What is a zine?", for this, while it looks a lot like a zine, probably doesn't count as one.

On the way to a Zimbabwean restaurant for dinner one evening, my partner and I passed an art gallery opening. Hurray! I love art. We headed in and looked at the pieces, and some of them were pretty neat. I sent a fax to some city official complaining about how the (heavily trafficked) path through the park in the middle of town turns into a swamp when it rains.

I also picked up this booklet, which doesn't act as a program for the show (there is no information about the artist, or even anything that says it's part of an art show), but is a collection of fliers.

Each page is made up of a slogan of some sort ("Pay no attention to this.", "Stop making things worse.") in the same block capitals you can see on the "cover". Some of them reminded me of the child from John Allison's Scary-Go-Round comic. (Hey! I reviewed one of his comics on this site once. I wonder what happened to that?)

What's neat, is that each page actually has perforations down the side, so you can tear the pages out easily. How fancy!

I'm not sure if I'd actually put any of these up. I sometimes struggle with destroying printed material, even if that's its intended function. I guess that doesn't stop me turning old comic books into envelopes.

(This is the sort of rambling non-review that makes me wonder why anyone looks at this site at all.)

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