Friday, February 17, 2012

Photocopier Music Playlist

Last weekend at the Roberts Street Social Centre we had a launch for our brand new photocopier! There was cake and games and you can see some photos on our website or facebook group.

I was in charge of music and managed to create almost eighty minutes of photocopier or zine related music. Awesome!

One of the bands I included are The Copy Scams. They're a pretty rad band that is mostly made up of zinesters. You can find out some more info on Alex Wrekk's blog. There's info on how to download their EP, and an announcement that they'll be touring the UK in November! Exciting!

I've made a youtube playlist of most of the tracks from below, though The Copy Scams songs and a couple of others aren't up there. The playlist is located here. Let me know what you think!

One of the coolest tracks I discovered was this one by Nigerian singer 9ice. He's apparently a big star in Nigeria, and I have absolutely no idea what he's singing in this song.

Here's the full playlist:

1. 9ice - Photocopy
2. Daft Punk - Technologic
3. Kill Me Tomorrow - Xerox My Hand
4. Fujiya and Miyagi - Photocopier
5. monsters are like that - echoRiotPop
6. Junkie XL - I've Got a Xerox to Copy
7. Xerox Girls - rammle
8. Cleveland Bound Death Sentence - Rumble Seats & Running Boards
9. The Copy Scams - one one one one
10. Simon Bird - Xerox Waveform Godless Ocean
11. Atom And His Package - Undercover Funny
12. Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire
13. Client - Zerox Machine
14. The Copy Scams - this is the intro
15. The Church Of Hysteria - Photocopy
16. Man Made Noise - Photocopy Machine
17. Mascot Fight - That's A Photocopier Not A Chair
18. The Copy Scams - 24 hour zine challenge
19. Yemi Sax (Photocopy (Original by 9ice)
20. Adam And The Ants - Xerox
21. Rosa - Scan To Print
22. The Copy Scams - list of stuff n' things
23. Private Eleanor - Photocopy

Can you name some tracks I missed?


  1. Echoriotpop is by "monsters are like that" not "photocopier music"


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