Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chicken with Penis: Fresh Meat

PO Box 20204
Seattle, WA
98102, USA

I reviewed one of these before and thought it was terrible. It’s just gross, poorly drawn, comics (strips or single panels) about penises, shit, dead babies, and other crap. Uh, whatever. Why did I even bother reviewing this one if I thought the first was so terrible? I guess I forgot how bad it was.

In fact, do I have any more issues? I should go find them and review them now too, just so I don’t have do so in the future. Aha, here’s another issue.

Chicken with Penis: Super Retarded

Same as above really, except with extra references to AIDS, bestiality, and a bizarre appearance by Marvel superhero The Mighty Thor and some of his supporting characters.

I’m willing to allow that I might have found a couple of the jokes in here funny in another context, but combined with all the stuff I thought was terrible I just don’t care.

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