Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Peach Melba Issue 14

By Pearl
PO Box 74

The way that pages are folded in Peach Melba mean that the words that makes up each issue are often part of two different list topics. Thus many of the "Things that could be puddings" are also "Shades of Dulux paint available in B&Q". This kind of blew my mind. Who paints their house "party surprise" or "kiwi burst"? And, more importantly, where can I buy some to eat?

Also included are lists of "birds that have fantastic names" ("red-necked phalarope"), "Foods I wish I liked" ("mince pies"), and the truly amazing "Modes of transport involving/that are animals". This final list includes "a cable car somehow powered by ferrets" and "a hot-air baloon-like contraption involving a flock of swifts", both of which I'm half sure are in a steampunk novel somewhere.

The flip side of this issue includes illustrated step-by-step instructions on crisp packet folding. These show you how to fold the package into a tiny triangle. What reason you would have to do this I'm not sure, but it's there!

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