Thursday, October 7, 2010

Atta Girl #4

By lots of people

I owe ATTA girl a good review. You see, this zine is actually the companion piece to a monthly club night in Birmingham. The night is all about playing music with female vocalists, mostly indie rock and pop, but they’ll play pretty much anything as long as it’s got a girl singing (and yes, it existed before the one in Phonogram). They were the official after party of the Birmingham Zine Festival last month, and I had a good time dancing and drinking and listening to music and talking to other people.

And then came the song I requested be played. The song I asked about in advance. The song I had to bring my own copy of. The song that utterly cleared the dance floor and made me owe ATTA girl something. This song:

That’s Tatu, the Russian faux-lesbians, singing about how they are in love with a robot. None of you appreciate their musical genius.

But you didn't come to this blog to listen to Russian pop music, so how about the actual zine? What’s in it? Well it’s actually filled with lots of neat stuff, so I would have given it a good review anyway! There are pieces on feminism (and how it can be defined personally), the Guerrilla Girls art movement, roller derby, being mixed raced and non- heteronormative, abusing authority, a cake recipe, a DIY bit, a crossword, and lots of stuff about bands and shows, including a comic about the Indietracks festival (it is a zine promoting a music event after all!). That overly long sentence should tell you that there’s a lot of stuff in here, and it’s pretty much all worth reading!

The next ATTA girl is this Saturday night! How exciting! You should go! (If only because of the awesome poster.) It is Halloween/fancy dress themed too and that makes me kind of sad that I won’t be there as I’ve had fun both times I’ve gone. If you get the opportunity you should check it out. They’ll have zines and vegan cake, and if you request Tatu they probably won’t glare at you.

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