Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peach Melba Issue 10

By Pearl
PO Box 74

Hurray! Peach Melba! I really like these zines made by a 13 year old girl. This one features lists of pubs that a bus she takes goes by (pub names are weird, actually pubs in general are weird, but really “Sir Charles Tapir”?), words that she doesn’t know the meaning of (while I do know what “zealot” means, my mind still thinks of this when I see the word, I am a big nerd), places she gets disoriented, and other things.

Sometimes I’m not sure why I like this zine so much, I mean a list of various shades of blue and green? I’m kind of shocked I read that. But at the same time, the lists really give you an insight into how 13 year old girls think, where “sparkly” is a colour, Jesus is a fictional character, and Edinburgh is a confusing place.

Plus! This zine has a thing on artist trading cards I made for Pearl. If you make ATCs you should definitely send some to her, I’m sure she would be really excited.

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  1. like yeah I will! Sir Charles Tapir is a nickname my friend made up for the Sir Charles Napier. Sparkly can be a SHADE of another colour, and I am an atheist so of course Jesus is fictional.


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