Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bonuscupped! Issue 3

This zine kicks off with the best possible type of interview you can have with a band you are not too familiar with (in this case Propaghandhi): one that isn’t about music at all! Instead there’s several pages delving into the politics of the band, the weather in Winnipeg in winter (brrrrr), the tar sands (booooo), and how the Canadian political system is pretty crap. It’s good reading.

Then there’s a rant about how Elbow sucks, and how getting old doesn’t mean you have to make boring “adult” albums. It’s an interesting look at how many people stop inventing as they age, but that you don’t have to and can keep being innovative.

This is followed by part two of an account of a trip to India that was really interesting. I’ve never been to India, but I’ve read a number of books about the country, and spent quite a long time travelling through other Asian countries, so found this a good read. The poverty that exists there is just incredibly brutal, and despite India becoming a “world superpower” or whatever, the poverty doesn’t seem to be going away. It’s quite depressing really. Huh, this zine seems to just be depressing stuff so far.

However, by this point we’re only half way through the zine!

The rest of the zine is made up of an interview with a band I’d never heard of, an account of travelling through Spain, reviews, and an incredibly bizarre piece of fiction called “The Socialist Adventures of Giggsy”, which recasts the soccer/football player Ryan Giggs as a radical activist.

This is a proper little magazine, with lots of interesting stuff. I really need to start making group zines (because that way I don’t have to create all the content!).

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