Saturday, January 30, 2010

Chimpanzee Democracy

Chimpanzee Democracy
By Andrew Livesey

The first strip here tells you that no, this comic won’t be about chimpanzee’s attempting to create the first simian electoral system (damn!). Instead most of the (full colour) comics here are one page gag strips that poke fun at modern society or degenerate into complete absurdity.

The comics are well done for what they are, though I much preferred the silly ones (crashing the moon into the earth, aliens not destroying Earth so they can see the end of Lost, chicken attacks, carrot mines with giant rabbit guards, Satan really liking pina coladas, possessed tattoos, and cats causing cancer) to the ones that talk about more everyday things (iPods, music, being unproductive, getting old, internet trolls).

I did enjoy the strip about how science proves your favourite songs are from your adolescence, so you might as well stop looking for new things. I’m guessing it’s based on some heavily reported science experiment, that doesn’t have nearly enough evidence, but it still amused me.

A few of the strips are a bit dated now, especially the musical review of 2006. So long ago! But there’s also this image, which conjures to mind a combination of Junji Ito’s comics Uzumaki and Gyo. Horrifying sea creatures and spirals combined into one. Nooooooooo!

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